Free ABA Training

For families with children with autism spectrums disorders.

  • ABA Teaching Strategies

    Want to teach your child to talk or communicate better? Want your child to become more independent in their self-care (e.g., toileting, washing own hands, brushing their teeth, dressing themselves...etc)? Children are happier when they learn to communicate and can care for themselves. Learn successful strategies to help your child reach their potential.

  • Behavior Management

    Does your child engage in problem behaviors to get what they want? Do their problem behaviors get in the way of them learning new skills and socializing with other peers? Learn effective ways to decrease your child's problem behaviors and improve their symptoms of autism so they can learn more and reach developmental milestones.

  • Social Play Development

    Want your child to improve their play and social interactions with their peers? Thousands of skills are required for children to develop successful social play skills with peers. Learn how to encourage and expand your child's play skills and shared attention with their siblings and peers.

Course curriculum

Free Parent Education in ABA

This course is available to parents who have their child enrolled in Child Enrichment Center' s ABA treatment program. However, we recommend this training for any family struggling to help their child with autism.